Love for Football

Beautiful Game, Beautiful Life

Football, the ‘World Game‘ is played by millions of people worldwide. The term Joga Bonito refers to… The Beautiful Game! This reference coincides with my love for football and my dedication to the sport for the past 12 years!

Hi to all reading my blog. I am a first year student currently studying at the University of Wollongong and this is my first ever blog… Feels quite scary, because I am not sure if I’m doing it correctly. But still I shall carry on…

Bio: My name is Johno Kontalis, I am 18 years of age and I have a Greek cultural heritage. Currently studying a double degree in Communications and Media/Commerce. I live in Brighton Le-Sands, Sydney about a 90 minute drive to the campus (yeah I know right). I have traveled all this way to Wollongong for the facilities that the uni offers, and I am intrigued with my course as I endeavor to pursue a career in media or marketing!

In five years time I hope to have finished my course and receive two degrees! As well as playing in the A-league or receiving good payment from football. In ten years I hope to have met the girl of my dreams as well as earning a 6-figure salary each year. As I’ve stated above I am a huge football fan and follow all leagues around the globe… my media habits are following the football news through facebook and several newspaper websites. I also enjoy music and world issues, every night at 6pm I tune into the news and hear about the current stories.

I hope success comes my way in the years to come and most importantly be happy with my life and family. Thanks to all for reading my blog. Regards, Johno Kontalis. See you around x


2 thoughts on “Love for Football

  1. A beautiful game it is indeed Johno. Appreciated and enjoyed in all corners of the globe. Who knows… one day your blog might be too.

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