The Ever-Changing Message…

Whether society likes it or not, the media has already consumed our lives! Industries are widening, technologies are advancing and audiences are altering their perspectives, this has become evident through media platforms such as; Facebook, Twitter and Myspace.  Henry Jenkins has skillfully outlined the trajectories of convergence  “By convergence I mean the flow of content across multiple media platforms, the cooperation between multiple media industries, and the migratory behaviour of media audiences (Henry Jenkins, ‘Worship at the altar of convergence,’ page 2).

A continuously changing medium is caused by the messages posed by platforms, such as Facebook. This has become evident in the example of a simple ‘Birthday wish’ – Message vs Medium. The ease of creating a simple Facebook “Happy Birthday” message to a friend, has now outweighed or is more common than the more traditional way of presenting a card to a friend. This clearly shows the link between morals and values and how the media is constantly shifting societal views.

What got my attention in Jenkins ‘Convergence quote’ was the fact that there is a “migratory behaviour of media audiences. This I would definitely agree upon! Jenkins has outlined how movements in behaviour causes societal trends thus shifting media audiences. If we are told to do something or pressured by the media and current trends to do so, we tend to do these things. A key example of this was Borrack Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008, whereby he promised change and a ‘ fair-go’ for his fellow African Americans. Obama inevitably changed behaviour about previous leaders and especially towards the way his country should be lead! A Powerful Media Leader/Platform such as; Facebook or Borrack Obama can cause changing behaviours or even changing perspectives which is evident in the Trajectories of Convergence.

Thanks, Johno.


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