Right or Wrong?

Time to make a judgement? Right or Wrong… Does Television make u fat? Does Violent movies lead to murder? Has Media taken over? The anxieties faced around the media create several unnerving questions that attempt to involve a link between violence in the media and violence in society. This link is  the ‘Media Effects Model’! However, the unnerving media views are discussed in David Gauntlett’s article “Ten things wrong with the Effects Model”.

It is fact that the Media has already cultivated our lives, and although the Media is not guilty of all human actions, it does play a role in how we go about living our lives. David Gauntlett states how “The effects model tackles social problems ‘backwards’.” The actions of a serial killer for example, may have come from previous mental disturbances, family degradation or horrifying past experiences! And not from the consumption of media’s portrayal. This can be further backed up by using you (the reader) as an example. If you have just watched an Action Movie; TerminatorRise of the Machines‘, you will not suddenly go insane and burst out into a killing spree because you know the law, you know your not Arnold Schwarzenegger and you also know that you are the same person before you watched the movie. This validates my point, because as an individual you are morally and solely responsible for your actions! (But, seriously how cool would it be, if you were Arnold Schwarzenegger for a day.)

In conclusion, the Media does not change the person you are! It may alter your thought process for the future but your actions are solely your actions, so chose the right choice rather than wrong.

Thanks, Johno


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