Copy-right? Copy-wrong?

Companies, Software’s and People with copyright ownership have great power! In January on 2012, The FBI busted the alleged operators of the service MegaUpload. There were 7 alleged culprits facing the time for what is seen as an illegal act. This is just one of many, several cases occurring with Copyright and fraud claims.

Unfortunately, Illegal ‘Unlimited Access’

Is it safe to say or comment upon the fairness of these cases? Audiences beg to differ with jail-time reaching up to and in some cases beyond 20 years for internet fraud compared to that of murder or rape 20 years also? When purchasing a game, signing up for Facebook, or entering a local online competition, there is always a Terms of Use or Terms and Conditions that must be agreed upon to enter. Now like myself and I’d say for the 98% of others out there in this world, we do not read the full Terms and Conditions… Am I right? But it has come to my attention that we are missing out on the vital information that we should know before we enter our personal details. Once we tick that box, the Company, Software or Person has our Personal details! So to avoid Copyright infringements have a quick read over what your really signing up for.. Haha 5 minutes can go a long way..

Thanks, Johno


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