Rated MA – For Mature Audiences

There is a vast array of competition in today’s advertising market, so many companies have upped the anti to increase profits! And by upping the anti, they are doing anything to succeed within there market. Companies will in fact do anything to grab your attention and sell its product, so much so that even sexual advertisements are becoming ever present in the industry.

Provocative woman and sexual innuendo‘s help immensely with selling. Men’s health and fitness is a magazine for men, but it has been saturated with women selling products in a provocative bathing suit. MET-Rx a supplement brand have done this to best effect and in fact that seen significant improvements in the sales of their products… But I wonder why?

Advertisements can go bad for companies and in fact get banned, an example of this occurred to the Hunky Dory’s crisp’s ad, which was branded as “sexist and exploitative”. There is a major discrepancy between the connotations and denotations of the image below. No wonder why it got banned…

Hunky Dorys sponsors of Gaelic football

The Denotations of this image are, a beautiful woman, holding a ball, with goals in the background and in the foreground the advertised item – Hunky Dory Crisps.

The Connotations in this image appeal mainly to Men, the image portrays a sex symbol, the term ‘Still Staring’ doesn’t apply to the Crisps itself, but instead the breasts of the woman, a provocative ad that lures males to indulge in 3 of there favourite things; Breasts, Sport and Crisps. Whilst for Women, it is vulgar and over the top, the use of such sexual innuendo would be seen as unacceptable for a crisps ad.

The question that has to be asked, what’s moral, immoral and acceptable?

Thanks, Johno


2 thoughts on “Rated MA – For Mature Audiences

  1. Great example of imagery. The image does use alot of technique to sell the product and you nailed it with what the image was trying to present to the audience with the use of puns and sex appeal to reinforce their augmented product!

    • Thanks Richard! I went for the topic that us males thrive upon, but it is fair to say that for a packet of crisps, their advertising technique is irresponsible and over the top. Stay tuned 🙂 Peace.

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