Firm Media Control, or not?

If Media has taken over, and if 6 of the world’s largest companies are in control of the media sector, are we as the public receiving the correct message? If we are receiving news from such a limited amount of sources, is the news in-depth? Is it viable? Questions like these must be looked upon to address current issues and also get the edge over the other companies is providing reliable information. Rupert Murdoch, one of the wealthiest figures on Earth owns News Corporation and within the previous few years was involved in one of the biggest scandal’s ever – the Phone Hacking Scandal.

There is no need for an in-depth analysis of the Phone hacking scandal, but what came from this story was the fact that News Corp did not deliver the correct message, they cheated and did illegal activities that sees the company still in a legal battle. Below is an image, outlining the companies in which News Corp owns..

Terrorist’s or Peace Activists? Anonymous is a group that has its views on Governments and Media companies, and understands what the people of the World want, rationally or irrationally. They upload multiple weekly videos on there YouTube page addressing media issues and times for change ahead.

Reviewers have found Anonymous to be fake, a hoax and illegal, and also in some cases the start of a terrorist group? But whose to say these allegations are correct? Those exclaiming the reviews are from the big media companies! Is the media industry trying to hide something? Like News Corp did? Are we receiving the correct information?

Thanks, Johno


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