The Chaser’s ‘War on the Public Sphere’

Jürgen Habermas manufactured the idea which is the ‘public sphere‘, from the 18th Century, this idea symbolises an area where individuals can come together to freely debate problems or matters of mutual interest in society. Whilst, the mediated public sphere is a concept, based on Habermas’ idea, that collects the influence of media in the public sphere.

It does not matter whether or not media text evokes a positive or negative reaction in the public sphere. It is clear however that new media offers a higher connectivity and interaction among people. Which is therefore critical in the key concept of discussion and speech, that talks about societal problems, whereby “a realm of social life in which public opinion can be formed” Asen, Robert (1999), “Toward a Normative Conception of Difference in Public Deliberation”, Argumentation and Advocacy.

The Chaser’s War on Everything is a TV show, and a group of Australian comedians that created a major international dilemma in September 2007. The APEC incident caused widespread publicity for these pranksters as they were allowed through restricted zones during the APEC summit meeting held in Sydney, Australia. There was an aftermath due to The Chaser’s actions; Public response, Political reactions, International recognition and Current affairs.

In relation to the ‘Public sphere‘, the Chaser group not only pranked APEC security but also raised security levels guarding the important government bodies and also raised the topic of terrorism as it was so very easy to enter the premises. Harbermas’ concept of the public sphere is a place of debate and discussions of current issues. Both the media, and the Chaser’s, have a monumental effect on the concept, provoking reactions and allowing new ways to arise from this experience.

Thanks, Johno


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