Success so far!

Fellow Students of BCM 110,

Time has gone so quick, already we find ourselves in week 7 and that lonely, awkward 1st week is way behind us. My understanding of the Media was very general, Channel 9 news at 6 pm and A current Affair at 6.30 pm were my only outlets to the news around the world. But now 7 weeks on I am more in tuned and more aware of how the Media operates around us.

Six Major Companies make up the Media Structure; News Corp, Disney, GE, Viacom, Time Warner and CBS. They accumulate up to 90% of the Media industry, feeding us viewers the information needed for knowledge. My big success so far in this topic is realising the politics and greed caused by the media, more specifically, News Corp – Phone Hacking Scandal. As I delved into this scandal, I discovered the leaps and bounds in which a company goes to, in order to get that news story.

My knowledge of identifying advertising techniques has also increased due to my understanding of connotation and denotation. In fact, my favourite blog post was that of Blog 2 – Rated MA – For Mature Audiences, I discovered how effective sexual advertising was and how the cliche of ‘Sex Sells’ truly exists, and is evident in nealry every advertisment nowadays.

I have reviewed and commented upon my fellow students blogs, and I’m pleased to say that they have all so far had there own perspective and have put across a message of intent about the topics that we have covered so far. I plan to continue learning and realising the media world out there!

Remember, have a laugh at what the Media has to offer!

Thanks, Johno


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