You’re a Wizard, Harry

Transmedia storytelling, more specifically Transmedia narrative is a term that everyone knows, not by definition but by content. It’s derived from a world, and starts from one single medium. The world of Harry Potter is a perfect example and one of my childhood heroes! J.K. Rowling firstly initiated Harry Potter into this world with the first of 7 novels. The fictional story of Harry‘s spellbinding adventure came to blossom, with world-wide followers. Once Harry Potter, turned into a Movie production, the world went into a frenzy, with Merchandise, Memorabilia and Video Games becoming available.

The cultural logic of the Harry Potter series, was to broaden its scope and to reach audiences all around the world. Being a prime example of a Transmedia Narrative. Transmedia Storytelling allowed the audience to become part of another mystical world, and thrive upon participatory culture. This is still evident in today’s society, the example of participation is apparent in the UOW’s Harry Potter group, whereby they have a quidditch team and meet regular and have a game.

The UOW Quidditch team makes evident the dynamics of global and local media cultures, in this case being the Universities culture of allowing the group, and enjoying a game, made apparent and hence made famous by the Harry Potter franchise.

Through convergence, Harry Potter has hit overdrive and become one of the most popular Transmedia Narratives on Earth.

Thanks, Johno


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