Remixed or Shaken?

In today’s society, Remixed music is acceptable and often evident, as it suites different peoples tastes. By doing this, individuals change or alter the medium (Original track) to share with the community. This is usually performed through YouTube and creates a participatory culture between the differing Music genres; Hip Hop, R and B, Rock.

To Remix, is to alter an original track by mixing pre-existing sounds and combining them into one whole form. This may not necessarily be just in regards to music, it also can refer to; Games, TV shows and Movies.

The term Remix Culture, supports an individuals creativity and also links in with participatory culture. It’s great to see and hear an array of different sounds from a remixed piece, but whats legal and illegal? Where and when does copyright step in?

Now it’s said that filesharing is illegal, so taking someone’s song, remixing it, then claiming it to be yours is also illegal. In fact every song, movie, TV show and game has a very strict license, and unless granted to you, it remains illegal to remix or claim as your own.

The ‘Harlem Shake‘ by artist Baauer, is a recent track that has hit world wide status. Not just for the song itself, but for what individuals have been doing with it. Videos that encumber the Harlem Shake song, include people shaken about and doing all sorts of silly antics. So does it become illegal to use the song for fun and dance? Yes it does, and why doesn’t Baauer or YouTube themselves take any action against it.

Thanks, Johno


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