Click, Click, Click

Clicking, Liking, Sharing or Commenting will not fix a problem. It is true that some individuals think so. Facebook has diluted our minds into making us click friendly, Clicktivism, another term for constantly clicking refers to this. The way social media has shaped our minds into liking reforms or signing online petitions, does not make us social activists but instead slactivists.

KONY 2012 makes this apparent whereby facebook members, shared, commented and liked the campaign regarding help and support for child soldiers. The fact of the matter is, doing any of these actions will not help or assist the child soldiers. There is no money value present, and therefore referred to as slactivism.

Participatory culture is evident in campaigns such as KONY 2012, and is described in one of my previous blogs.

So is it because all of my friends like the KONY 2012 campaign, so do I? Majority of the time, I would say so. Making the point that participation is addictive and without spending your own money, Slactivism is also apparent.

There are also current groups on Facebook that have an urge to be liked, so that your mind and also conscience is at ease. Some include, Like if you ‘Love your Grandma’, or Like and you will go to Heaven. Although stupid and irrelevant, it creates a positive for your conscience at that time and reinforces how Clicktivism is so easy and carefree.

Thanks, Johno