Ending the Journey

My conclusion to my blogs is finally here, and I must say what a journey it has been. Not only have I learnt an awful lot, but I am now aware of the issues that lie within the media. Blogging has helped me communicate the broader message in life, and has also made me aware of the issues that lie within Facebook, and has made me reconsider what I like and what I say… This is a good thing.

Over my journey, I have come across many favoured topics, and I have intertwined them within my blogs.

Chick, Chick, Booooom!

The unsuspecting liar who reached acclaim and international stardom overnight is a prime example of convergence and the way the media operates. A good-looking young female in the act of citizen journalism turned a dared act into a national joke. Interesting how a lie turned into a job resume.

Remixed or Shaken

Participatory culture evident in the aftermath of the release of Baauer’s ‘Harlem Shake’. Remixed versions of the shake flooded my Facebook news-feed and majority were quite funny. But just because they were funny, does not mean they were legal. Copyright Permission? I think not.

Click, Click, Click

Are we all trigger happy? I think yes! One of my favourite blogs discusses how individuals on Facebook in particular are happy to click ‘like’ just to have a good conscience. However, It’s not that easy to fix the world’s problems in a single click of the button. KONY 2012 is a great example of how liking or commenting on a video will indeed NOT help the child soldiers in Africa. I’d recommend having a donate button… Click that for a change?

Remember, Keep Smiling and Rock on!
Thanks, Johno