It’s not funny… It’s Racist!

Homophobia, racism, and cyber-bullying are 3 topics that make majority of us cringe! The internet is designed so that people have a free say, and also unfortunately have the will to interact in these 3 topics. Facebook for example, has no gatekeepers and participatory culture and involvement is quite high, therefore leaving an opening for harsh comments and crude statements regarding homophobia, racism and bullying.

Memes are currently little captions that are featured within pictures usually creating a comical situation. However memes can be distasteful and powerful for the wrong reasons, especially in relation to homophobia, racism and bullying. Another word for this type of treatment is trolling, or pranking to an unacceptable level.

The feeling of making a dominant, negative meme can have many implications. Because Facebook has no gatekeepers, memes are easily created and used for racist themes. Memes relating to homophobia can also have negative subsequences, the term gay, is tossed up alot on social media websites and can directly offend gay individuals and communities.

Trolling also can be taken the wrong way, in regards to bullying on multiple levels. Groups on Facebook, regarding trolling, implore subtle bullying techniques that stir social media arguments and instead of being funny, is a form of harsh bullying. An example of this is below.

The troll above is in direct relation to black individuals, and leaves a sour taste in many readers minds. However, it is the minority who like troll pages like this to get a kick out of it. Forms of bullying such as the one above, can have implications on black communities and also the wider world, as it is a racist gesture and personally should not even be allowed to be broadcasted on the internet.

So why doesn’t Facebook control racist and homophobic trolls?

Thanks, Johno